Monday, July 11, 2005

Eeney, memey...

The Wendy Lady tagged me a few days ago (ok so it was quite a few days ago) to do this meme.

5 Things I miss about my childhood:

1. Being able to splash in the puddles barefoot and get totally soaked without the neighbours looking at you like you’ve totally lost your marbles.

2. Spending hours wandering through the local woods, just the dog and I, without having to worry about being flashed, molested, kidnapped or otherwise interfered with by some pervert.

3. Going to the local haybarns once the bales have been stacked within, and jumping off the top of the stack into the pile of hay from bales that had ‘popped’.

4. Trampolining. I know I could do this as an adult and I actually did for a while until a chronic back problem put paid to it. It was the only sport I really loved.

5. The masses and masses of free time.

I’m not going to pass this one on to anyone, but feel free to pick it up and run with it if you want to, just give me some linky lurve if you do.