Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Saved by the Meme

Thanks to Gemmak who posted this, for saving me having to think up something to write about today. I have Holiday Part III all ready to go with pictures and everything, and then when I tried to upload the pics to my webspace last night I discovered my hosting servers were down for the duration *grr*. Of course they’re up and running again this morning, but I’, at work. I’ll try again tonight.

So, to the meme:

A is for Age: 34

B is for Booze: I don’t drink much (usually driving) but I prefer spirits when I do. Archers, Vodka or Black (or White) Russians.

C is for Career: Computer Programmer (Senior Analyst Programmer if you want the actual job title), with a side order of Jewellery Making.

D is for Dad's Name: Brian.

E is for Essential Item to Bring to a Party: The intention to have a good time.

F is for Favourite Songs at the Moment: Bless the Child and Wish I Had an Angel, both by Nightwish.

G is for Goof-off Thing to Do: Cuddle the cats and read blogs.

H is for Hometown: A tiny little village (hamlet even) in the South Oxfordshire countryside.

I is for Instrument You Play: Piano.

J is for Jam or Jelly you Like: Raspberry.

K is for Kids: None yet but working on it.

L is for Living Arrangement: Co-habiting with a Wookee.

M is for Mom's Name: Jan.

N is for Names of Good Friends: Heidi, Duncan, Lorraine, Aaron, and Heidi (yes another one).

O is for Overnight Hospital Stays: None, a couple of day trips though.

P is for Phobias: I’m with Gem on the spiders.

Q is for Quotes you Like: "Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons. For you are crunchy and good with ketchup"

R is for Relationship That Lasted Longest: My exH, 11 years total.

S is for Siblings: Nope, none of them.

T is for Texas: Never been, have a good blogfriend who lives there though, coooeee Suz.

U is for Unique Trait: No one thing springs to mind here, just the unique combination that is me.

V is for Vegetables You Love: Corn on the cob (smothered in butter of course), mushrooms.

W is for Worst Traits: Bloody-minded.

X is for X-rays you've Had: Sinuses, Back, Reproductive bits.

Y is for Yummy Food You Make: Beef Stroganoff, Lemon Meringue Pie (from scratch with sweet butter pastry, and a lot more caster sugar than the recipe calls for)

Z is for Zodiac Sign: Aries, and yes, I’m pretty typical.

Ok, your turn...