Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Just a geek

Oooh dear, I think I scared a few of you with yesterdays post *smirk*

Yes I am a bona-fide card carrying geek and proud of it. Please note I am a geek not a nerd. You won’t find me down at the local train station of a weekend with my notepad, camera, spotters guide and a thermos full of tea.

Yes I enjoy playing Dungeons & Dragons, lobbing little bits of multi-sided, multi-coloured plastic about, cheering when I get a 20, and hiding under the table from the others when I get a 1 on my ‘firing an arrow into combat’ roll and accidentally skewer one of my comrades.

I enjoy sitting with my friends in the pub reminiscing about past games and things that old parties did that were just soooo stupid you wouldn’t believe. Like the time the pyromaniac wizard of the party deliberately set fire to the ship we were on because it was infested with some kind of killer-spider-critters. Only we were in the middle of the ocean at the time. Or the time that we were in a shipwreck (hmm, maybe I should avoid boats in future adventures) and scrambling around on a reef being attacked by some giant sea monster, and the wizard (novice player) thought it would be a splendid idea to cast Lightning Bolt at it. Now these adventures may take place in fantasy worlds but the basic laws of physics still apply. Yes he killed the monster but damn near fried the rest of us too. Crispy fried elf ranger anyone? Or how about the time a really low-level cave critter almost creamed the whole party. Or the time that….

Ok, I’ll stop now.

Anyway the point is that now I’ve started playing again you can expect to see the occasional post along the lines of ‘OMG you’ll never guess what stupid thing we did this week’. So I hope that none of my regular readers are of the D&D=Devil Worship opinion because otherwise you’re going to be horrified, if you even managed to get this far. If you even came back after yesterday’s post.

Tomorrow: 101 things you never knew about the common garden snail.

P.S. I even have Wil Wheatons blog in my blogroll, shh, don't tell will you.