Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It’s all go

Well I had a wee chat with my line manager about 20 mins ago and broached the subject of part time working.

He said it’s not a problem, when did you want to start? YAY! Of course he has to clear it with the big boss of the department but he doesn’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be ok. So then it just needs to go through personnel for all the paperwork and bureaucracy to be taken care of. Wheeee! *bounce* Hmm, better stock up on stash while I still can.

In other news:

I’m starting roleplaying again this week. It’s been a couple of years since the last group fell apart but now Wookie and I are joining another group that have been going for a while. They’re all good friends and they’re starting a new adventure so they asked if we wanted to join in. I wasn’t sure but I’ve decided to give it another go. The problem I’ve had in the past is with Wookie being rather unpleasantly scathing about my tendency to have very cliche'd characters and basically play them as myself instead of, what he calls, proper roleplaying.

So anyway, I have to create my character before the first sesh, which is on Thursday night. All the others are already sorted but I couldn’t go last Friday. They’ve left me to be a fighter (at least it’s not a flippin wizard) and the guy who’s playing the other fighter has called his character Heimlich Manoeuvre *smirk* I thought that sounded great and I’m hopeless at coming up with names, so I started looking for others with the idea of my character being his character’s sister. Well I found one or two good ones but the final choice was Valsalva Manoeuvre. Sounds a bit rude, doesn’t it. I like it *grin*

And finally…

I’m a bit of a closet statistician so when browsing on Garnet’s blog today I decided I had to have one of these:
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