Friday, June 17, 2005

Babies and ‘things’

Since my post about getting my date for my gyno consult I’ve been hit by searchers looking for related terms, some of which made my eyebrows raise more than a little, but you’ll have to wait for my next terms roundup for that little treat. I know, rotten ‘aint I.

Unfortunately that date has now been put back by two weeks. I had another letter from them a couple of weeks ago saying that ‘due to unforeseen circumstances’ yaddayaddayadda, they would have to put my date back by a week, which put it in the middle of my next holiday, so I had to call them and have it put back again. So it’s now on 8th July. More flipping waiting.

On the subject of babies, an online friend from one of the stitching forums I frequent has just had her first, and decided to start a blog as a record of the occasion. Please go and visit her Joyus Place and have a look at her beautiful new daughter.

Along similar lines, and yet not. In the heady world of romance writing this week Kate Rothwell has been pondering the dearth of pleasant names (or at least not skanky sounding) for the female privates. Why not pop over and have a read, she’s good for a giggle and you may be able to help her out with some suggestions.

Have a good weekend all.