Sunday, June 19, 2005

But I haven't got a thing to wear...oh, wait, what's this?

So *twirl* what do you think of my new outfit, huh? Pretty snazzy eh.

It's all courtesy of Lisa at Design-a-Blog. I jumped at the chance to be a guinea-pig when she and Gemmak decided to go into business for themselves doing blog designs.

She's done a great job on the design and putting up with me and my 'one or two' little suggestions on the first draft she sent me. Isn't that big fella at the top just adorable. He's a Norwegian Forest Cat. Sadly he's not mine, I do have one but he's not quite that big and fluffy yet.

You'll find that the sidebar things have been shuffled around a bit and I might move one or two things from one side to t'other over the next few weeks, but for now it'll stay just as it is.