Thursday, June 16, 2005

Life’s a seesaw

It has been a day of ups and downs so far, and the rest of the day seems set to follow the trend.

UP: I actually made it into work for a reasonable time this morning after finally figuring out an alternative route around the myriad of roadworks that have sprung up for the summer months.

DOWN: I realised that the £40 gift voucher that my colleagues gave me when I moved offices, was in my handbag when it was stolen.

UP: I went to weigh in today and I’ve lost 5½ lbs this week!! This quite nicely counters the down from last week when I gained 1½. You may have realised that I don’t alter my ticker when I gain weight, which is why it hasn’t changed for a few weeks.

UP: The amazing weight loss puts me at the 2 stone lost mark and also just past the 10% lost mark. This means that I get to go for a pie and chips supper one night this week in celebration. I’ve also 6 book points to spend, so Amazon here I come *grin*

DOWN: The G8 Security Council is in Sheffield today and they will be closing down the city centre at 4pm. This means that the trams will be all messed up and will make getting home interesting tonight.

UP: I’ll get to see at least one friend tonight that I haven’t seen for some time.

I know life is all about ups and downs but I don't usually get so many packed into a single day.