Thursday, May 26, 2005


How do you deal with a ‘stitching slump?’

Simply put, I do something else. I leave my stitching out and about for a few weeks and sometimes I’ll pick it back up again after a few days or so, and carry on. If it goes on for more than a couple of months it usually gets packed away until I feel like getting it out again. In the meantime I get on with one or other of my other hobbies, I’ve got several.

Occasionally a slump will be brought on, not by the lack of desire to stitch but by the greater desire to do something else. So I’ll focus all my time and energy on the other thing and the poor stitching will fall by the wayside.

I’ve had slumps that have lasted a few days. I’ve had others last a few years. Each time I come back to the stitching and carry on where I left off.

In other stitching news, Purr-dicament is about halfway done and it's a holiday weekend coming up so hopefully I should have a HD to share soon. On the downside, there's still no sign of my RR piece and I'm waiting for more news from the Post Office, I emailed them all the details last Friday and aside from a mail telling me that they're looking into it, I've heard nothing more. *sniff* I'm going to have to give serious thought to doing it all over again very soon if it doesn't show up. Of course you know as soon as I put the last stitch in the rework, the original will appear.