Friday, May 27, 2005

Tagged again!

Tagged, by god! Well by Vics really but I’m sure she won’t object to the comparison *wink*

Anyway the little minx tagged me for the following meme, and a damned hard one it was too. As I said to her, I have trouble thinking of two things that I want to do today, let alone…

Ten Things I've Never Done, But Intend to Do Before I Die:

1. Sing Karaoke, and no I didn’t put this one in just for you Vics, but I’m not going to object if you want to help me achieve it.

2. Have a child. One way or another I will have a child to raise, whether I produce one myself or have to go an alternative route. Wookie isn’t so keen on the alternative route thing.

3. Own a dog. This is something else that Wookie is opposed to. I think the number of cats would have to be reduced for him to agree. Not deliberately reduced you understand, although he’d be more than happy to oblige on that front. He’s not really a pet person.

4. Produce and sell my own cross-stitch designs. I suspect I’m cheating a little with this one because I’m already working on some designs, they’re just not going very well at the moment.

5. Purchase one of these. I’ve wanted one ever since they were released but I couldn’t afford it at the time. Then when I could they’d run their limit (450 pieces worldwide) and I couldn’t get one anywhere. I’ve seen a couple on Ebay (in the US) and most annoyingly missed the end of the auction on one a couple of weeks ago that nobody bid on (in the UK *sob*), and I would’ve paid the starting price for it, no problem.

6. Actually FINISH a big TW design. I have two on the go at the moment (Night and Celestial Dragon), one of which has been in my WIP pile for nigh on 16 years now. I have many more charts in my stash and yet the only piece of hers that I’ve actually finished is Futurecast (see this years finishes in my sidebar) and he’s a diddy piece.

7. Stitch all of MLI’s Celtic Ladies. I’ve done Celtic Christmas but there’s still Spring, Summer, Autumn and finally Winter to go. I’m definitely changing the colours on Autumn and I may well make some slight adjustments to the colours on Winter as well. I’m just waiting for the fabric to start Autumn.

8. Produce a website and integrated business package for my jewellery business. Ambitious I know, but I also know I’m capable of it, it’s just finding the time.

9. Turn the field part of my garden into a flower, shrub and tree-filled wilderness. I want to try and stick with native plants where possible. I think the hardest thing is going to be encouraging the wildflower seeds to take root in the densely packed grass. So far everything I’ve read about it says it’s hard to do, and easier to dig it all up and seed again with a grass and wildflower seed mixture. But the field is about an acre, which is a lot to dig up and start again. More research needed yet.

10. Meet Vics and administer a spanking for tagging me *smirk*.

So there you go. I’ve tried to stick with things that I am actually capable of achieving but that will take a certain amount of effort or guts on my part (except maybe that last one!). I’m not going to tag anyone specifically with this but if anyone would like to pick it up and do it, please be my guest, just leave me a note to let me know.

Have a nice holiday weekend all (yes it’s a holiday weekend here in the UK as well as over in the US), and if it’s not a holiday for you well, have a great weekend anyway.