Tuesday, May 24, 2005

I’ve got a date!

I’m all excited and nervous at the same time. I’ve got a date! Not that kind of date thankyewverymuch, I’m happily living in sin people.

I’ve got a date for my gynaecological consultation and examination, woo! It’s on the 24th June. As you can imagine I’m very happy about this, it’s about time. However I’m also very nervous about it. Not just for the usual reasons but for the fact of the nature of the doctor that I’m going to see. You see it’s a male doctor, not a problem in itself, but the name is such that I think he’s Asian. Please note that I am not racist. I have many friends from many different cultures and racial backgrounds and other than an interest in their culture and customs I couldn’t care less about their heritage.

My issue with male Asian doctors is all down to one specific individual. When I was a mere babbie of 19 I had to have an internal (gyno-type) examination and my very first smear test. All of which was administered by the most unpleasant doctor it has been my misfortune to encounter. I was in an emotionally vulnerable state at the time and nobody had explained what was going on or what rights I had. This man had all the bedside manner of a spitting toad and the compassion of an alligator. I was brusquely told to remove my lower half garments and get on the table, oh and these students will be observing the procedure. That’s right, I was told that the students would be watching and at the time I had no idea that I could actually refuse. So there were half a dozen student doctors there, just to make my embarrassment even worse. He performed the exam and then asked me if I’d had a smear test in the last three years. When I looked puzzled he realised that I had no idea what one even was and so without so much as a by your leave he whips out the speculum, the COLD speculum and whoop! crank crank crank; out comes the oversized iced lolly stick and whoop! scrape scrape owwwwwwie. Not one single attempt to soothe me or get me to relax. I pity the patients who are now being treated by those student doctors given the education they received that day.

Now I understand that it’s quite irrational to tar and feather all male Asian doctors simply because of the actions of one member of the group and to be honest, if I was seeing him about any other problem, I would be fine with it. It’s the fact that I’m probably going to be in the same situation as before that is making me dread the appointment I’ve waited so long for, and in case you're wondering, any male gyno-doctors make me nervous now.

Oh and because of that experience it was 8 years before I got up the courage to book myself in for another smear test.

There is a funny side to all this though. Since I got the letter at the weekend I’ve been making plans. My appointment is at 3:10pm and since it’ll take me about 1¼ hours to get home from work I’ll have to leave about 1pm. I’ve got to go home first because I’ll have to have a wash before I go for my appointment. Oh and I need a trim too, and I mustn’t forget to do my legs a couple of days before, hmm, anything else?

Wookie’s only comment was a grumble that this doctor is getting better primping than he ever gets *grin*

Oh yes, clean knickers without holes in are an absolute must.