Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Help me I’m melting

Somebody throw a bucket of ice water over me, please.

Ever since I got into work this morning I’ve been uncomfortably warm, glowingly warm (see I don’t sweat or perspire, I’m a laydee, stop sniggering in the back). Given that it’s only the start of May and not even that hot outside I can only assume this means that this office I am in will be unbearable come August/September time. So I went to ask the lady in charge of stationary if she could acquire a desk fan for me. Well apparently she can’t, Health and Safety don’t allow the ordering of desk fans. Why!?!?! I don’t get it at all. Yes we have air conditioning. No, it doesn’t work very well. The windows barely open and now we can’t get desk fans. Some people do have them, either from the old days or because they’ve gone and bought themselves one (which I may end up doing). I personally would like to see the explanation from H&S if I were to keel over from heat stroke or somesuch.

I had actually started to cool down a little just before lunch, but then I went up to the canteen and had a meal and now I’m boiling again *phew*

And now the weather…

On Saturday morning I went online and ordered two steamer chairs** for our balcony. I have wanted to sit out there and read on more then one occasion, but the bench seat that is out there at the moment just isn’t built for comfortable lounging. These chairs will be delivered this coming Saturday *yay*

“But how does this relate to the weather?” I hear you cry. Well my friends, I’ll tell you. The weather this Saturday will be sunny and warm, right up to the moment the chairs are delivered. I’ll get them out of their packaging, set them up on the balcony, pop back inside to get my book, sunnies and a drink and lo, the heavens will open and all the water in the skies will descend forthwith upon my poor balcony. For the next umpteen weeks it will persist in being wet and miserable when I’m not at work. You’ll see.

** I was going to post a link but it wouldn't work. If you really want to see a piccy click on this link and it's the 3rd one down.