Thursday, April 21, 2005

New name for DBF

As I’m somewhat fed up of always referring to my other half as DBF I decided to come up with a new name to use when referring to him here. Actually there are lots of names I could use but I’d like to keep this blog at a relatively PG level *grin*

So I flirted my way through a few options. Tall guy, Ciderman, Snarkman even, but none of them seemed quite right, so I decided to fall back on a name that has been used before. One that his colleagues at work gave him when he joined their team. They all had nicknames of their own and there was another guy in the team with the same name, so they needed some way of distinguishing the two. So they worked with him for a couple of weeks, made a note of various characteristics like his height (6’ 6”), the fact that he is more than a little hirsute and his tendency to make a peculiar sound when he yawns, and they named him…