Tuesday, April 19, 2005

It's a Round Robin

To say that DBF is less than enamoured of my stitching habit is somewhat of an understatement. He mocks my stitching on a regular basis. Past comments have included:

‘Why don’t you just print out the picture and frame that’

‘It’s not creative, you’re just stitching by numbers, calling you creative is like calling someone who paints by numbers an artist.’

‘It’s all so pointless’

I still persevere in talking to him about it though. Telling him about the pieces I’m planning to start. Showing him my progress and expecting him to show a little joy when I complete something. What can I say, I’ve always been a hopeless optimist.

I am at present in the process of preparing for my very first stitching round robin. I was explaining this to him a few days ago. Oh what a mistake.

DBF is a big fan of Derek and Clive (alias Pete and Dud). Their material is extrememly smutty, nay even crude (bear this in mind if you go clicking on any of the links here). Some of it I do find amusing but most of it I don’t. DBF has listened to their sketches so many times he knows most of them word for word.

Aaanyway. One of their sketches contains a section about a Round Robin. So. Everytime I mention the stitching Round Robin I get bombarded with that bit of the sketch…

[CLIVE] But you wrote to the-, who did you write to about this?
[DEREK] I wrote-, well I, I sent a-, I sent a-, a round robin.
[CLIVE] Yeah, that's no ***ing good, why didn't you send a letter?
[DEREK] Well, I sent a letter later.
[CLIVE] What, with the robin?
[DEREK] No, I sent Robin, and then that, you know, it didn't do **** all, so I sent a letter.
[CLIVE] Robbin' Peter to pay Paul that is, it's just ****ing stupid, why didn't you write a letter?
[DEREK] I did write a letter.
[CLIVE] Instead of sending some round-****ing-robin.
[DEREK] I sent Robin round because I thought that would be the way to do it.
[CLIVE] What, Robin had the letter?
[DEREK] No, I just sent Robin round!
[CLIVE] What good is Robin going round?
[DEREK] Until I realised I'd f-, I thought I might 's- .....
[CLIVE] Where di-, where the **** did Robin go round to?
[DEREK] He didn't go round nowhere! I just sent him round!
[CLIVE] Round where?
[DEREK] He came back, he said, "Where the **** am I supposed to go?" I said, "I don't ****ing know, I sent you round, why don't you ****ing go round?"
[CLIVE] Why didn't you send a letter?

It's got to the stage where my RR is now referred to 'The thing, the name of which shall not be mentioned'. Men!

The whole sketch is here please be aware that the language is foul and the subject matters are obscene, irreverant and in places blasphemous. I don’t want complaints that you weren’t warned.