Friday, April 22, 2005

It's googling time again

And so with Sooz making comments about getting searchers looking for Wookie smurf or Wookie tits (if you ask me I think the border living and the woozles have turned her a little nutso), it’s time for the search terms roundup.

So far the more smutty or bizarre things I’ve put in to bait searchers haven’t turned up any hits, but I’ve had a few interesting ones since the last roundup:

Tickle Kitty – Well I am ticklish *grin*. Seems fairly harmless until I did a little googling of my own and discovered that it’s the name of a range of adult recreational toys *snicker*

Google Holly Kitty – Say what?

Skippee – Well yes, I did a post with this title, but why oh why would you be googling for it?

Cat infected toe – Aww, poor puss. I hope they found some appropriate info.

Curse Stitching – Yes, on many occasions, usually while frogging. I am a teensy bit curious as to what they were actually looking for. Maybe there’s a whole untapped market for cross stitch designs there…

Marching kittens – some sort of training regime you think? Good luck to them, I can’t even get mine to come in when they’re called, let alone march!

My favourite so far though has to be:

Rampant Rabbit Instructions – I mentioned this item in a post about Anne Summers parties. For those not in the know it’s what Wookie calls a BOB (Battery Operated Boyfriend). So that rather begs the question, why would any woman need instructions?!?!