Thursday, March 17, 2005

Rory asks

Rory was interviewed by a fellow blogger a few days ago, and then she asked for experimental test subjects interviewees for a few questions of her own. So I did the swotty little brat, me me me thing and she hit me with five fill-in-the-blanks type questions, fortunately nothing too probing. The bit before the dots in each case was Rory’s question, the bit after is me filling in the blanks and baring my soul

Once, I was so drunk I ended up… throwing up in the ladies and then being dragged out of the village party (being held in the village hall, parents on one side kids on the other, you get the picture) early, and in disgrace, by my parents, I was 16 (underage in the UK). That was my first experience with alcohol and I’ve not been able to drink whisky since.

The thing I love about my body is… my hair; I’d gladly ditch everything else, although DBF might be a bit upset about the loss of my chest.

The best sunset I've ever experienced is… the one I saw from camelback in the Sahara Desert.

I knew I was an adult when… my dad was happy that I’d gone ahead and sold my house and bought another one all without asking for his advice (that was last year btw!).

When I learned the truth about Santa Claus, I… don’t remember being that bothered, as long as the pressies were there on Christmas morning, I didn’t mind how, terribly mercenary of me I know.

Thank you Rory, interesting questions and they made me think without being too hard to answer.

Anyone want to volunteer to be next?