Wednesday, March 16, 2005

iTunes Meme

Christine and Garnet have both done this recently and it reminded me that I had one stored away from the last time it did the rounds. I don't have an iPod but I do have iTunes on the PC.

The idea is that you set your machine to shuffle and start playing, then take the first line or two of each of the first 20 tracks that come up, post them and you lot have to tell me the title of the track and the artist. As each one is got, i'll update the post with the info and the name of (and link to) the person that got it first. I'll confess that I cheated a little, I skipped over tracks by the same artist so that each one is by a different artist, makes it more interesting that way.

I'll warn you though, some of these are a touch obscure...

1. You ask me where to begin. Am I so lost in my sin? You ask me where did I fall. I'll say I can't tell you when.
Karen got this one - I'll find my way home - Vangelis

2. Lights out - we live in a world of darkness, No doubt - everythings up for sale, We sleep - all of the world is burning, We pray - to God for a better deal.
Karen got this one too - Judas be my Guide - Iron Maiden.

3. If only you could see the tears in the world you left behind, If only you could hear my heart just one more time, Even when I close my eyes there's an image of your face, But once again I come to realise you're a loss I can't replace.
Karen got the artist as Westlife but it's not Coast to Coast.

4. You got the fire, baby, I got the heat, can you handle it? I got the time, babe, you got the need, oh surrender it.
Another one from Karen, Love and Affection - Def Leppard

5. I don’t need her money, I don’t need a ride, I got enough connections, I don’t need a piece of her hide.
Another half-hit from Karen, it is ZZ Top but not I need you tonight.

6. Holly came from Miami FLA, Hitch-hiked her way across the USA.
Lorna's been back this morning and got this one too. Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed

7. Out of a million seeds, Only the strongest one breathes, You made a miracle mother, I’ll make a man out of me.
Melinkie got Let Love be your Energy - Robbie Williams

8. Tonight I’m gonna have myself a real good time, I feel alive and the world, turning inside out yeah!, And floating around in ecstasy.
Finally, thankyou Vics for getting Don't Stop Me Now - Queen

9. Give me time, To realise my crime, Let me love and steal, I have danced inside your eyes, How can I be real
Karen again! this time with Do you Really Want to Hurt Me? - Culture Club

10. Caught you in the act - can’t put up with that, Messing where you shouldn’t be, I wanna hear you say you’re sorry, Cause nobody takes advantage of me.
Clue: {title} you'd be under a bus by now, The group is a piece of the anatomy

11. As the sun sets beyond the pyramids, To greet me with its rays, I place my hand on my forehead, To see your chariots' flames.
Clue: The group is Finnish, think Aida (the opera not the fabric you lot!) meets Megadeath.

12. Dress me in shadows, Sad April skies have opened my eyes, To the lie that I live, And given the river away, I'll change these clothes if I want to, and I do.
Lorna got this one, it's Scarlet and other stories - All About Eve.

13. There's gifts for all the family. There's toiletries and trains. There's Sony Walkman Headphone sets, and the latest video games.
Clue: A festive snake by the name of Montgomery.

14. Aquarius: There's travel in your future when your tongue freezes to the back of a speeding bus. Fill that void in your pathetic life by playing Whack-A-Mole seventeen hours a day.
Vics again, Your Horoscope for Today - Weird Al Yankovic

15. Ar chonnlaigh ghlais an Fhoghmhair, A stóirín gur dhearc mé uaim, Ba deas do chos i mbróig, 'Sba ró-dheas do leagan siubhail.
Do ghruaidh ar dhath na rósaí, 'Sdo chúirníní bhí fighte dlúith, Monuar gan sinn 'ár bpósadh, Nó'r bórd luinge 'triall 'un siubhail.

Vics got that it's Clannad, and I'll take pity on you all and tell you that it's called Conleach Glas an Frohmair

16. Walk down this road, When the road gets rough, I fall down, I get up, I am what I am...
...and the last one that Vics got, Family Man - Fleetwood Mac

17. Rise so high, yet so far to fall. A plan of dignity and balance for all. Political breakthrough, euphoria’s high. More borrowed money, more borrowed time.
Clue: More heavy metal I'm afraid but I have mentioned the group in another clue.

18. It was you, it was me, And we would last forever. Any fool could see, that we were meant to be
Clue: A swedish rock artist discussing memories.

19. Never could believe the things you do to me. I never could believe the way you are. Every day I bless the day that you got through to me. 'Cause baby, I believe that you're a star.
Oh come on!
Clue: Bedtime drinks come first every time.

20. You made a fool of me, but them broken dreams have got to end. Hey woman, you got the blues, cos' you ain't got no one else to use
Clue: Classical songs about bad girls for Thomas Eddison.

I'm not sure if any of these are covers or have been covered so I'll allow any artist if they have.

Well a few more have been got. I'll leave it another couple of days and then put all the answers up for those of you that might still be interested.