Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Snip, snip...

My poor furbabies. I support Cats Protection League, which means I have all my cats neutered. Azrael and Smurf have now reached that age, so it was off to the vets last night for a hotel stay prior to having the op today.

I love vets that allow you to take your pet in the night before when they've got to have an op. Have you ever tried explaining to a cat why it can't have any food now, no, not in 5 minutes time either, in fact not until tomorrow. Yes. Tomorrow. No, not tomorrow morning. No, waking me up at 3am crying is not going to get you any food. Yes I know it's 6:30 which is when the magic bowl is supposed to fill up with food again but this morning it's broken. The only way we can fix it is if you get in this box. Ok. Now we have to go for a little ride. This nice lady is going to do something to you and then you'll get all sleepy, then you'll wake up and then you can have some food. Oh and one other thing, when you wake up, don't have a wash straight away, you may get a bit of a shock. But on the plus side the magic bowl is working again!

Phew! Just called the vets and they're both fine. I know it's a simple, common operation, but that doesn't change the fact that things can go wrong, and as every kitty-mama will know, you still worry.