Monday, December 06, 2004

Stitching Bloggers QOTW

What has been your most interesting stitching related injury?

Oh I'm going to make some of you cringe with this one...

As I'm sure all stitchers will agree, while you're working you stick your needle in the nearest soft thing for safekeeping when you're just putting it down for a brief time (like changing threads), and before you start squeaming already, no, I didn't stick it in myself by accident. It's not even the classic, stuck it in the arm of the chair - put my hand down on it, story, oh no.

One time when I was a mere teen, I was sat on the living room floor sewing, probably hemming my mother's latest money-saving attempt at making my school uniform herself. I got called away and stuck the needle in the carpet, intending to come back and carry on. Needless (ha! pun!, oh never mind) to say I didn't get back to it until much later when I had completely forgotten where I had stuck the needle. Now I have always been one to wander around the house barefoot. Oh yes, you've got it now haven't you. You guessed it. I trod on the needle. Painful? Oh yes, very painful, but it gets better.

The needle had gone into my foot but very quickly hit bone, however it was a fine crewel needle so it didn't stop. Ew! No! Stop that! It didn't go into the bone either *shudder*, no it just bent round and came back out. So there I was with the head (eye) and the point of this needle sticking out of my foot, but not enough of either to get a hold of. Even the pliers couldn't get a good grip on it. In the end my mother got some really strong thread (or it may have been wire) and threaded the needle with it and then pulled.

I limped for days afterwards, and on top of all that I had the indignity of being dragged off to the doctors to have a tetanus shot. In My Arse. Oh the embarrassment! I tell you, I don't stick needles in the carpet anymore. The arm of the chair? That's a whole different story =)