Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I haven't got a thing to wear!

Ok so that's not strictly true, I have lots of things to wear, I just can't think of anything that I can wear tonight.

For tonight I'm going..... To the ballet! *TAH DAH*

Yes ok, you can stop sniggering now. The last time I went I was about 14. It was a school trip and since I went to an all girls school... Well I'll let you imagine how much giggling 50-odd 14 year old girls can do. Let's just say that with the opera glasses in hand we were very very focused. Scientifically focussed almost. Y'know, examination of minutiae =)

So tonight I'm going to see The Nutcracker performed by the St Petersburg Ballet, and then, because I'm greedy, on Saturday I'm going to see them again, this time doing Swan Lake. Originally I was only going to see one of them, but I couldn't decide which one. I adore Tchaikovsky's music (even if I have trouble spelling his name) and know most of the music from Swan Lake very well. On the other hand I love the music for Nutcracker as well and I wanted to see all the gorgeous costumes (it's the little kid in me). So in the end I decided to treat myself and see both of them.

When I was a little girl I had those dreams that most little girls have of becoming a ballerina. The truth (as I realised quite early on) was that I was genetically predisposed to being chunky and big boned rather than willowy and graceful, and as I developed, oy. Let's just say if I tried any jumps now I'd give myself a lovely pair of black eyes!

Ah well, for tonight at least I can dream, and be a little girl again.