Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I just blogged to say I’m sorry…

To all of you out there who have more than one blog. In the past I have questioned this practice (all in my head you understand). How could one person possibly lead such an exciting life as to need multiple blogs, and actually find the time to update them all.

Well I’m sorry. I was wrong. I’ve found out now, because I myself have joined the ranks of the multi-bloggers.

Oh yes, it’s true. Not that my life has suddenly become more exciting, that would be asking too much. No, in the course of writing this blog I have found myself wanting to write on more specific subjects. I’ve resisted this urge because this is meant to be a general blog about me, my life and my musings, but the urge stuck around and pestered me, so I had to give in. Yesterday I created not one, but two more blogs!
The first: Flights of Fantasy (corny, I know, but I’ve never been a great one for the mot juste) is for book reviews, my reviews, of books I have read. I am an avid reader, mostly of novels, mostly fantasy (hence the title) and I found myself wanting to share my opinions of these books with others. Given the voracity of my appetite for reading I hope to be updating it at least once a week.

The second blog is for photos. Specifically photographs taken from my living room balcony (there’s a better explanation on the blog.) DBF and I conceived an idea where he would create a photographic record of the view from the balcony over the period of a year, I decided to share it by creating a blog, and so A Year from the Balcony came about. It will start properly on Jan 1st but there’s a taster there for you to look at now.