Sunday, May 23, 2004

Stray Kitty

Yesterday afternoon I noticed Pixel stalking across the lawn, so I wandered out to see what poor hapless small fuzzy thing he's attempting to catch and instead a small white and black cat comes trotting out from under the shrubbery towards me. Now I don't recognise her and most of the neighbourhood cats will run away so I was intrigued. I stoop down to pet it and then I notice that it's eyes are weepy, nose is running and it's making wet gurgling sounds when it's breathing. So I check for a collar and there is one but the bottom half of the barrel tag is missing along with the contents that hopefully would tell me where it lives.

So after half a nanosecond of soul searching it's off to my vets. The vet tells me that 'stray' (the vet equivalent of jane doe =)) is a she, she's got a severe respiratory infection and badly dehydrated. So a few drugs and rehydrating fluids later she's back home with me shut in my cloakroom with all the necessary bit and pieces and a towel wrapped hot water bottle for comfort.

This morning she seem a little better, she's had her second dose of kitty cough mix (with attendent squirming, scratching and face pulling at the taste) but she still hasn't eaten a thing. I hate to force feed but I'm going to have to if she doesn't eat something soon. Next I'm going to be getting out the digital camera and taking a piccy for the 'Found' posters to go the the vets and local pet shops and probably on the local lamposts too. I just hope that if I do find her real owners that they didn't let her get into this state through neglect otherwise I will not want to give her back (even though I will have to). But if I don't find her real home then she'll be staying here if she wants to. My partner say that now makes me an official member of the 'scary cat lady' club but I don't care =)

All this comes on top of me trying to get my house clean and tidy so I can put it on the market and have people come round to view it so I can move into the wonderful new house that DBF and I have found to buy. Ah well nobody ever said life was easy!