Thursday, May 27, 2004

Further adventures of 'stray'

Just after my last entry DBF and I were getting ready to go out for lunch, as I stepped into my porch I noticed a flyer hanging though my letter box. I open it up and what should it be but a 'Lost cat' announcement with a picture that is the image of 'stray'.

Turns out that stray's name is really smudge (on account of a black splodge on her nose) and has been a sick kitty for some time. Of course I called the number and the owners came right round to collect her (they only live a few doors away but without the tag I had no idea). They'd been really worried about her and had cancelled her vets appointment for that morning. They were really nice and insisted on repaying the vets bill for her and even gave me a bottle of wine. I did protest as I would do the same for any pet in distress but they insisted *shrug*

The problem I have now, is that smudge now thinks my house is a second home for her, and is letting herself in through the cat flap. My two don't chase her away. She's been eating their food, which isn't really an issue I can put more out, but Pixel then won't go near the bowls because he can smell her on them, so he's not been eating properly. This evening I've had to lock the flap because she wouldn't go home :( I will unlock it before I go to bed and hopefully she won't come in in the night.

The house tidying is progressing slowly. I really should be doing that rather than this but I needed a break. I can only lug so many boxes around before my back starts to ache =\. I almost have the library (aka bedroom 4) straight now. I've had to box up a load of my books and take some of the shelves down (ikea special) because they made the room look tiny. It is the smallest of the bedrooms but it just looked like a corridor. Now I just have to move my rocking chair and a small coffee table in there and it will look like a reading room.

I think the hardest part for me of selling my house will be keeping the place looking nice and clean and tidy until it's sold. I'm not the worlds tidiest person and I can always find something more interesting than hoovering to do! Fingers crossed that the first people to see it will fall in love with it and I won't have to show anyone else around lol!

Ah well better get back to the tidying...