Thursday, May 06, 2004

Opening Scritchings

Well I've started this thing so I ought to write something for the day.

My day: went to work, dealt with annoying managers and pestiferous users, came home, took a nice long relaxing bath, surfed, played with my neopets, created this blog.

Question: Why is it that cats will sleep and sleep and sleep and then when you go to bed they decide it's time to play, or wash. The number of times I've tried to go to sleep with one of my cats washing nearby, it's unbelievable how loud it sounds in the dark! Purring I can cope with, it can be quite soothing, but the smack and slurp of a washing kitty gives me a sudden desire for a pair of fur-lined mitts. Of course I trained my older cats that washing in the bedroom was not acceptable, if they started they'd get a warning followed by a nudge, and if they persisted then they'd be encouraged to leave the room and go wash somewhere else. But then there's my youngest fuzzball, Angel. You simply cannot tell her not to do something. Try it and she gets 'don't wanna' face, y'know the expression you see on kids when you tell them to eat their greens cos they're good for them. Tell her some more and she will actually make a stroppy little chirping noise, just like a sulky child, unbelievable! Last night I tried physically stopping her by putting my hand between her tongue and the paw she was washing at the time. So my finger gets chomped, not hard but definitely a 'move your finger' chomp.
Ah well I do love my kitties despite some of their not-so-endearing traits.