Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Success and Failure

Ewok's toilet training has progressed to the point that we are now only rewarding him if he goes to the toilet, does something and keeps his pants dry and clean. We started following this system on Monday morning, and his reward is a sticker on a chart. We also said that once he had 15 stickers on his chart he would get a toy surprise as a reward.

Well he's just earned his first toy surprise *yay* It's a matchbox car from a box of them that Wookiee bought at the weekend for just this purpose. It's a perfect reward for him as he loves cars and he's sitting happily playing with his new toy right now.

The failure is on my part. I really tried to deal with the nighttimes but last night I snapped. I went in to him at about 12:45am to take him to the toilet, only to find that he'd already soaked his bed, although he'd not woken up to it. So I took him into the bathroom to get him changed while Wookiee sorted his bed out. Then I put a pull-up on him.

I'd decided that I wasn't doing him or me any favours by persuing the nighttime training at the moment. We were both losing sleep and consequently being tired and cranky with each other during the day, which I'm sure was affecting his daytime training. So, he'll stay in pull-ups at night until they're pretty much dry in the mornings, then I'll look at nighttime training again.

We're calling the pull-ups 'night pants' and having one on didn't stop him from getting up and going to the toilet this morning when he woke up, so no regression there so far.

Right, now I've got to create a new sticker chart that he can take to nursery with him this afternoon.