Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Some beading

It's been an age since I've been able to get the beads out and have a play, but recently I had two reasons to do so. The first was for my secret santa recipient and the second for a 'care package' parcel for an online friend. They've both been received now, so I can blog them.

Although one of these was for secret santa, I'm posting them now because I only made them a couple of weeks ago, the SS gifting was somewhat belated (I sent most of the stuff in time). You see I wanted to make her a beaded scissor fob, and I knew I had lobster clasps somewhere, but could I bloody well find them! I was griping about this to Wookiee a few weeks ago and (unusually for a man, I think you'll agree) he says to me 'what about that box on the landing?

And there they were, in the box on the landing, and of course, after all this searching for them, they were way smaller than I remembered and nowhere near big enough for scissor fobs. So I ended up having to buy some more anyway *gah*

Anyway, the first one was for my SS and her favourite colours are blue and purple (like me) so I had plenty of beads to choose from for her fob:

The other one was for Suzy, and after much investigating (And then outright asking her) I found out her favourite colour is red:

They both have a murano glass bead at the end, and then various glass and crystal beads interspersed with silver beads. The large round blue bead at the top of the blue one is coral (ethically sourced I should add)

I really enjoyed making them and I suspect there may be a few more in my future, but I'll need to find some more, larger clasps, as the ones I managed to find in a hurry weren't quite big enough. They fit over the handle of my stork scissors but they were very snug.