Thursday, February 05, 2009


Well as many other British bloggers have posted by now, we've been having some uncharacteristically seasonal weather in the form of heavy (for us) snowfalls that actually settle.

We had some earlier in the week, but when Ewok and I went out to make a snowman we found that the top inch of snow had turned to ice overnight, making it far from suitable for building. Then last night it snowed again, and through into this morning, and it was proper snow, for building biiiig snowmen.

After lunch we got all dressed up for the weather and headed out into the garden to build this:

The 'hat' is courtesy of Ewok's beach bucket, and it does have arms, they're just very spindly twigs that kind of blend into the background of, well, spindly twigs. For scale, Ewok is about 97cms tall.

Hopefully the above is a little video I shot with the camera. Ewok didn't realise I was filming, he thought I was about to take a photo, hence him posing next to the snowman and saying 'cheese' *lol*