Thursday, January 22, 2009

Nogard's Armoury

So, as promised, here's the other dice bag I stitched. This one was for the newest member of our group, A, and someone who's new to D&D as well. She only got her first set of dice for Christmas, so of course she needed a fancy new dice bag in which to store them.

After discussions with the rest of the group I decided to base the design of her bag around her character, which would be strange if it wasn't her very first character. So long after she's gone to the great dice bag in the sky A will still have the bag to remember her by.

The character's name is Nogard and she's a paladin. So playing on the fact that the dice are most often used for combat rolls in D&D, the dice bag became Nogard's Armoury, with a sword, a shield and a set of dice decorating the four sides.

Here's what it looked like before being en-bagged...



The fabric for this one was Sparklies Summer Skies Belfast Linen, and the colour in the 'flat' pictures is much closer to reality than my rubbish photographs.