Thursday, October 09, 2008

Baby's first...

SUGAR RUSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a surreal experience, happening as it did while I was trying to watch a program on narcolepsy. Having a toddler running in circles around the living room with barely a pause for 30 minutes (no I'm not exaggerating, 30 minutes) while watching people who fall asleep up to 90 times a day makes for an interesting contrast don't you think?

The 'Ewok whizzing his tits off' episode was courtesy of him snaffling the last of my glass of squash while I was out of the room. I drink fully leaded hi-juice squash (in other words not the sugar free stuff *blech*) and I mix it about 3 times the strength it recommends on the bottle. I guess I'm lucky it was only 30 minutes really.

This evenings entertainment was brought to you by the numbers E110, E104 and the letter wheeeeeeeeeee!