Sunday, September 14, 2008

My baby is 2!

I can't believe he's 2 already!

It was his birthday yesterday, and we spent all day at White Post Farm which is a place he loves to visit. Last time we went he was mesmerised by the ducklings, this time it was the giant bunnies we couldn't get him away from.

He got to feed a baby goat (well I held the bottle for him, but he got to cuddle it while it was noshing), groom another goat, and pet loads of other animals, including sheep and llamas. We had a picnic lunch in the play area, although he was more interested in playing than eating. He had a go on the toddler trampoline and really didn't want to get off it again. Oh and he had a bird sit on his head in the walk-in aviary. Inside they have a seed dispenser, and for 20p you can get a handful of bird seed, at which point you get mobbed by the birds. On the whole they were well behaved although I did have a couple of fights break out on my arm, and one of them tried to eat me!

I look a few photos, but I'd completely forgotten to take our camera, so I had to buy a disposable one at the gift shop, which means I can't post any pictures until they've been developed. I just hope they come out ok, I'm so used to being able to take loads of shots and see when I've got a good one that it was a bit unnerving going back to the old school.

He had a snooze in the car on the way home, and then a bath as soon as we got home, to clean off all the dirt and muck he'd accumulated from running around and falling over in the mud at the farm. Then we sat down to open his cards and presents, as we'd saved them for after the day out, so's not to be giving him lots of new toys and then dragging him away from them.

This year he could open his own cards, with a little help starting off. Granny and Grandpa had got him a musical card that made him jump the first time he opened it, then he couldn't get enough of it *lol* Fortunately the others were all just regular cards.

He didn't have many presents to open as Wookiee and I are getting him a new big boy bed and bedding for his birthday, and my parents are coming to visit in a couple of weeks so he'll get theirs then. He did get a wooden activity cube from Wookiee's parents, some books from my aunt and a wooden jigsaw from one of my cousins. He also got a coloured disco ball light from his uncle (Wookiee's brother) which had him mesmerised, especially after it got dark and we turned the lights out for full effect.

All in all it was a great day, and it obviously wore him out as he overslept by quite a bit this morning.

My boy is growing up *sniff*