Friday, July 04, 2008

Proud Mummy

Yesterday we went into town, primarily to go to the library to pick up some audiobooks I'd requested. At the same time we returned Ewok's books and while he played in the toddler play area they have, I picked out a few new books for him.

As it was already past his normal lunchtime, I decided to give the library coffee shop a try as they do food as well. It's not a huge place, and the tables and chairs are low ones, and they didn't have any highchairs, which wasn't a huge surprise.

I ordered us an egg sandwich each (made fresh to order), and a cup of tea for me and then settled us at one of the tables. Ewok started to get a little antsy about being left strapped in his pushchair, so I decided to risk it and let him sit in a 'big' seat to eat his lunch.

He was good as gold. He sat there, with the plate on his lap and quietly ate his sandwich, and drank his water, then handed the plate back to me when he was done. The ladies running the place were totally charmed by him, especially after he turned the cute grin up to 11 and held his arms out to one of them to be picked up for a cuddle. He's such a tart!

I have to say that he is usually quite good when we go out, and we can go for a pub lunch without having to worry about him disturbing the other diners, but he's also usually confined to a highchair, or running about in the pub garden if they have one. This is the first time he's been allowed to sit in a chair where he wasn't restrained, and I was so proud of him.

It was also nice to have the ladies there commenting on how well he behaved, too often these days it's only the badly behaved children that get noticed.