Sunday, June 22, 2008

I'm the Mummy!

At last Ewok has finally caught on to the fact that I'm Mummy.

He's been less inclined than a lot of kids to even bother with the proper talking thing, but he's had a word for Wookiee for quite a while now, and a few weeks ago this became a full blown 'Daddy', at which point we could not get him to grasp the fact that everyone else was NOT Daddy.

Wookiee was Daddy, but so was I, and the cats, and the teddies, and the poor bemused chap in the supermarket who just happened to make eye contact with Ewok at the wrong moment.

In some ways it's been a little upsetting for me (when I've been in a low mood anyway) that Wookiee got a special name but I wasn't anything at all. When I was feeling less low, logic kicked in and I realisedthat this was probably down to the fact that I'm here all day every day, so he has no need for a name for me as he has no need to call for me, or greet me in any way.

With the advent of a full recognisable Daddy, however, we've had a big push on getting him to say Mummy, and yesterday, for the first time, he did!

I may have mentioned before that he's a very bright boy (yes I know I'm biased, but he is) and so having grasped the concept of a different designation for Daddy and Mummy he's very quickly grasped who is who. So much so that in just one day he's now getting the right one for each of us most of the time, and he's started saying baby (more of a babbie really) for himself.

I'm sure in a couple of years time I'll rue the day he ever learned to say Mummy (Mummy, mummy, mummymummymummymummymummymummy, muuuuuuuummy!) but for now I'm very happy and a little misty-eyed about it.