Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Costume Party

We've been invited to a costume party in May. The theme of the party is children's programme characters. Given that we are both in our mid-thirties, and most of the other guests are either very late twenties or early to mid thirties means that we're looking at programmes from the late seventies/early eighties.

It's not definite that Ewok is invited, and if he's not then I won't be going either, but so far we've been batting a few ideas around as if he is. So far we've come up with a few ideas, mostly where we all go as characters from the same show or series, which may be really cute, or could just be really sad, not sure which yet.

My first idea for Ewok was Dungeonmaster from the Dungeons and Dragons cartoons, of course then Wookiee would have to be Venger and I would want to be Tiamat, however while Ewok and Wookiees' costumes might not be too tricky (more robes), trying to create one dragons head, let alone five of them, is more than I can manage. Wookiee suggested I go as Sheila (the thief), a much easier costume, but Tiamat is much more 'me' than Sheila.

Wookiee had thought of going as a Mr Man. I suggested either Mr Tall (duh) or Mr Tickle (he has very long arms too), and then thought that Ewok could be Mr Small, but that doesn't leave anything for me, as I refuse to be a Little Miss, little madam maybe (according to my mother) but not a Little Miss.

That was as far as we got before the conversation drifted onto other things, so if anyone has any suggestions please do make them. However if you're not UK based it might be worth checking that we got the programme over here.