Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Baby's first...

...haircut, as administered by me!


and after:

I didn't do a lot. Mainly I wanted to tidy up his fringe, and round the back where his hair was all very different lengths due to the back-to-sleep bald patch from when he was little. That and the fact that wielding a pair of very sharp and pointy scissors (I was using my stitching stork scissors) round the face of an extremely wriggly toddler who is fascinated by shiny things, is not my idea of fun and meant that I wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible.

I refuse to pay a hairdresser at this point, I don't see that it's worth it for him, not to mention the hassle of first finding somewhere experienced in dealing with wriggly toddlers, then getting him there and keeping him as unwriggly as possible during the whole fascinating process.

I kept three curls and have them squirreled away, each one tied up with a length of silk thread (no particular reason for it being silk, it was what was to hand at the time) tied in a double knot and then made into a bow. When I get around to scrapbooking for him I'll do a haircut page and put at least one of them in a little envelope on the page.

BTW, please excuse the redness around his mouth and nose and on his cheek, he's teething again and recovering from a very snotty cold. Oh, and under his right eye you can just see the last of the scuffing from his attempts at being a superhero.