Monday, February 18, 2008

S.E.X. with the postman

Yes folks, this morning I was that hussy.

I've mentioned Swap-Bot before and this morning I recieved a parcel for a swap I took part in recently entitled 'Chocolate Bar and Yarn'. Fairly self-explanitory, the minimum of the swap was to send a bar of your favourite chocolate and a ball of your favourite yarn, with an approximate value of $10-$15, to your assigned partner. I say the minimum because you can always send more than that if you choose.

Because of the value and the fact that I had recently managed to pick up several balls of some of my favourite yarns very cheap in the sales, to my partner I sent 2 balls of Jaeger Roma and 3 balls of Wilko's Soft-n-Fluffy (yes Wilko's, 3 balls for a pound!), and for the chocolate, 3 of the small bars from Thorntons. My sendee was an ex-pat living in Europe so I thought she'd appreciate the taste of home, apparently so did her hubby *lol*

Anyway, to the point, my parcel arrived this morning from my sender (not the same person) and this is what was inside:

(Click for bigger)

The yarn is 100% cotton from Blue Sky Alpacas and is sooo soft and strokeable, I may have to add it to the Gloriana siks for a snuggle-n-stroke session. I also had a job on resisting the temptation to breakfast on chocolate. I suspect the sachet of hot chocolate may not make it until tomorrow as I usually have a mug of hot chocolate at bedtime.

This is bar far the best swap parcel I have recieved so far, not to say that the others weren't lovely, just not quite as accurate on my preferences, or as generous.

Right, there's a certain small someone pestering in a 'feed me' kind of way, and some chocolate to be refrigerated so I'd best finish up here.