Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baby's first...

... Dungeons and Dragons session:

D&D Session

This is the role playing group I'm part of. From left to right you can see M, Wookiee, Ewok, and L hiding behind D. I do have another picture where you can actually see L's face, but she hates having her picture taken so I thought I'd stick with publishing this one.

Oh, and the beer is Wookiee's not Ewok's, just in case anyone from Social Security is reading this.

He also has his own D20, here's a picture of it:


The little d20 on top is actually a standard size die. His isn't exactly a 'proper' d20, it's actually a life counter die, so the numbers cycle around the die, but it is 'proper' in that opposite sides still add up to 21. The biggest actual d20 we could find wasn't safe for him to have, and the guy advised us that the stuffed ones were not safe for small children.

I've considered trying to make him a stuffed one, and frankly, given the way he's wanging the blasted thing around the living room at the moment, I may have to do more than just think about it.