Sunday, January 13, 2008


I was recently introduced to this site when it was used to organise our stitching secret santa this year. The lady organising the SS used it because it automatically assigns partners for you, so even she didn't know who was sending to whom.

After our 'swap' had completed I decided to have a nosey around the site and see what other sorts of swaps were taking place. Well there's loads of them and I've been sucked into the whole experience.

Swap-Bot simply facilitates the process of setting up a swap that people (who meet the swap criteria) can join in. You can set up private swaps as well, the SS one was private.

In order to join in you need to register and set up an account and profile. The profile is where you put information about yourself, primarily interests, likes and dislikes. This is where your swap partners will look to get a feel for what to send you (within the confines of the swap). As an example I'm currently working on my item for a 'Handmade for you' swap. The parameters of the swap were to send one handmade item to one partner. As my thing is cross stitch that's how I'm making my item, having looked in my partners profile I discovered she likes small picture frames and her favourite colour is blue. So I'm making her a cross stitched photo frame in shades of blue.

I've also decided to have a stab at hosting a swap. This one is for sheets of papercrafting 'stickies', stickers, peel-offs, die cuts and rub-ons. Having bought a few bundles and TSV's from QVC I have loads of sheets of these that I'll never use because they're not to my taste. So the swap is to exchange two of these with each of two partners (so send out four sheets in total). It's an international swap and if your interested you can join in here: Stickies Swap.

Although the swap is restricted to people with a 4.5 rating, if you're new, signing up and you know me somehow (and I know you) then email me and let me know it's you before the sign up date and I won't block you. Or you could try and get in a couple of quick swaps before the closing date, you've got until the 31st Jan.