Sunday, December 23, 2007

A finish

I've finished my second (and more than likely my last) piece of stitching for the year. The design is a freebie called Coeur, one of many lovely designs I found on a blog I was sent to by a friend. The blogger is Ludivine, she's french and her posts are in french, but even if you can't read the posts (like me) I recommend you go and have a look at her designs, they're wonderful. To see only her posts with designs in, click on this link Grilles gratuites.

Anyway, here's my finished piece:

Click for a bigger image.

This is not my usual choice of design, but I was looking for something to be a showpiece for a new batch of thread colours that I'm releasing in the New Year. As they're all shades of pink and purple it seemed appropriate to do a Valentines related design and this one really appealed to me.

It's stitched using one of the new colours, called Hunnybunny (approx DMC 3608 and 3609), on my Fairy Tale fabric. Stitched over one, using two strands and tent/continental stitch rather than cross stitch. I find this works better for me when stitching over one.

As you may also guessed, this means I have the scanner back, so as soon as I can get the batch of fabric in the washer, ironed and dried, I'll tell all about Basically Bonkers.