Sunday, November 04, 2007

Thursday was stash day

I love getting stash in the post.

A little while ago I did a bit of charting for a friend. Some backstitch lettering, and a photo-stitch conversion of a photograph of an otter. She paid me for this with a GC for Stitching Bits and Bobs. I had also accumulated some money in my Paypal account by selling off some of my old stash, things I've stitched, and things I never will stitch.

So when SBAB had a sale (one of the US holidays) I went and I splurged a little. I did have to wait a while, I'm guessing something was out of stock, but it all finally made it here on Thursday.

In my parcel I got: (sorry no pictures the camera battery is dead)

M Designs
Dream Tree Ornament
Love Tree Ornament
Believe Tree Ornament
Joy Tree Ornament

Nora Corbett Pixie Couture Collection

Spring - Patricia Allison Seasonal Dragons

The tree ornaments are to add to the two I already have, Peace and Hope, and I plan to stitch several together on one piece of fabric as a sort of forest. I'm going to group them together by sentiment. I'd also like to get name trees for myself, Wookiee and Ewok (their real names, obviously) and do a family tree grouping.

When I ordered all these, the four pixie designs were all the ones available, of course now there's two more, Violet and Rose. I'll definitely be getting Violet at some point in the future, but I'm really not sure about Rose. I'm no so taken with how she looks and honestly, her leg looks very weird.

Also on the same day I received another little parcel in the post, containing two skeins of #5 white Perle that a friend had gifted me.