Friday, November 09, 2007

All aboard!

The lurgi express is ready to depart.

I have been most foully en-virused this last week. Last Thursday I came down with a cold. My temperature went from normal to 101F in the space of a day. Over the following week I went through the various stages of a cold one at a time. First the aches, then the sniffles and sneezes, then the blocked sinuses and bunged up nose, and finally the itchy face (which is where I'm at now).

On Tuesday this week the obligatory cold sore showed up. Fortunately I already had the necessary in the house to deal with this. Since Ewok's arrival I've taken to using Compeed and it's wonderful. I used it at first more for it's barrier qualities than anything else. I do not want to pass this virus on to Ewok, it make's my life miserable 5 or 6 times a year, and has done ever since I caught it off my mum when I was little.

Then on Wednesday evening my ear started to itch and it felt like there was a spot developing inside. Just delightful really and all that was needed to round off the whole viral experience. Except that it wasn't a spot. All day yesterday it got steadily more swollen, sore and itchy. It feels like I've got water in my ear and there's a golf ball in the water.

This morning I was woken up early (thanks munchkin) at 7:30am so I took advantage of this to call my GP and get an appointment, and after a quick peep into my lughole with her ear examining gizmo she confirmed that it wasn't a spot, I have an ear infection, and not just one, I have two, one on the outside and one on the inside. So I now have some oral antibiotics to take and antibiotic eardrops to put in. As long as I don't get the two mixed up I should be fine in a few days.

So, anthing else want to jump on the bandwagon while my immune system is trashed? Scurvy? leprosy? black death? Come one, come all, the lurgi express is leaving.