Monday, August 13, 2007


That folks, is the sound of another exploding nappy *gah*

Ewok is teething again, and this time he's decided to go for a different set of symptoms. Namely a fever and the runs.

Yesterday he went through 3 pairs of shorts and one pair of trousers, fortunately, because of the hot weather, I've only been putting him in shorts and a t-shirt, rather than using bodysuits, otherwise there'd be four of those in the wash too.

He also managed to mess up both his pairs of pajamas (the bottoms anyway) and then when I went to put a wash on, so that he'd have some clean jammies for tonight, I discovered that we'd run out of non-bio washing tablets. I had no idea about this as the laundry is Wookiee's province. So I've had to go and do the weekly shopping on my own, during the day, instead of waiting until this evening, just so I can put a wash on and have it dry in time for Ewok's bedtime.

It was also the sound of the pint glass that I knocked off the worktop earlier, hitting the tiled floor in the kitchen and smashing into little pieces, which then scattered themselves liberally around my bare feet.

<sarcasm>It's been a good day so far</sarcasm>