Tuesday, August 07, 2007

All go

It's busy busy busy here at the moment. We are in the process of cleaning the place up in preparation to put it up for sale at the end of this month. Part of this involves getting the decorators in to redecorate the whole place, top to bottom, walls, ceilings and woodwork. All in a nice shade of Barley White for the walls and White everywhere else.

So far they've done the main bedroom and bathroom and all the hallways and the difference is amazing. When we moved in, most of the house was painted in a mustardy yellow, except the main bedroom and bathroom which were painted a sunny yellow (methinks the previous owners either liked yellow, or got a job lot of paint). I'm not a fan of yellow but it wasn't unliveable, so we put up with it. Now I'm wishing we'd had this done sooner so we could get the benefit of it ourselves. The hallways in particular are so much brighter now.

We've also got the insurance people in to look at where one of the showers had been leaking for some time without us noticing. It's seeped into the room beyond (it's an en-suite to the fourth bedroom) and damaged the walls, skirting board and carpet. We spotted it some time ago and stopped using it, but as everything dried out, the walls and skirting warped and cracked. We were all set to get it sorted when Wookiee suggested that it might all be covered on the insurance, so I called them up and amazingly it is. So far I've had four visits from various people, assessing the damage, putting in dyring equipment and then taking it away again, taking bits of carpet, etc... Sometime this week I've got some people coming to try and trace where the leak was coming from (duh, the shower), and then of course, once all the people have been and assessed and done their thang, we'll have people to come and rip it all out and replace it. I wanted to get this done before we had people coming to look at the place but it's not going to happen that quickly. Hopefully it won't put people off.

And finally...

Ewok is fully recovered from his lurgi. The temp of 102F was the worst of it. He was still a bit feverish and grumpy the next day, and wasn't much better for having had no sleep. Then we both slept like the dead the next night and all was right with the world again.

Of course it doesn't last and this morning I've had to call NHS Direct for advice when I caught him eating cat poop (eeeeeeeeeewwwww!) I'm assuming one of the cats had a little bit caught in their skirts and it fell off in the living room, and of course Ewok's at the 'everything goes in the mouth' stage. To give him credit he did look utterly disgusted by the taste, and allowed me to fish it out of his mouth again, but I had no idea what (if anything) he'd swallowed, and being aware of the dangers of toxoplasmosis, I wanted to know if I needed to worry and what I needed to watch out for.

As it turns out, fresh cat poop is safe to eat (blech), it's only if it's 2-3 weeks old that you need to worry. The nurse I spoke to was very nice and gave me some symptoms to watch out for over the next 3 weeks, if they occur then I have to take him to the GP, and the treatment is antibiotics for 3 weeks!