Monday, May 21, 2007


Thank you to Melanie, Joy and Gina for their comments on my previous post, Mel you're right, he was 8 months old a week ago. However as seems to be typical with Ewok, no sooner do I bitch about his behaviour than he changes it.

Last night he woke me up so many times I lost count, but each time he was just shuffling himself about, sometimes it was obvious that he was awake too, other times I couldn't tell, there was the occasional wail but nothing prolonged and I didn't have to get up to him once. I'm now wondering if this is because he's realised that he doesn't have to sleep on his back any more, and he's just trying to find the most comfortable position.

Given that he didn't want to get up until midday (after going to bed at 12:15am) I'm assuming that he still didn't sleep very well. He's got slightly smaller bags under his eyes compared to yesterday (think clutch bag vs suitcase) and he's not quite as pale, so I'm hoping that he's going to improve over the next few nights until he's sleeping soundly again.

The few nights that I fed him, it was very clear that he needed the feed, he was rooting as much as he did when he was first born, and he fed for a good hour each time before falling asleep again. So I'm pretty sure it was a growth spurt rather than anything else. On the whole he's a very good baby and not one to demand something he doesn't need, or complain about nothing.

I really do need to make the bumpers for his cot though. Because he's big for his age, when he's moving about in his cot he frequently bumped his head against the bars and occasionally this disturbed him into a little cry. It's not as if it'll take me long to make them, it's getting the fabric cut out that's the problem.

Anyway, he's having a nap at the moment but he's due to wake up soon and I need to get some other stuff done before he does. I'll try and be a bit more regular about posting in future.