Saturday, February 10, 2007


First for the lack of posts recently. Life revolves around Ewok now and he gives me very little time for posting. When I do get online I'm usually checking emails and working on getting my shop configured so I don't have to pay any more money to ebay.

Also for the disappearance of many of the images for this site. I've had to clear out my webspace so I can set up my shop and this meant deleting most of the images. I'll try and relocate them when I get chance but don't hold your collective breaths.

Once the shop is up and running and I have a little more spare time I'll try and start posting more regularly again. Until then the chances are that posting will remain sporadic.

We are all doing well. Ewok is still behaving as if he's been planted in a sack of compost and growing like a weed. At 20 weeks old he's weighing in at 19lbs 11oz and measuring 71cms tall. We've had to buy a new chair for him, as his bouncy chair has a weight limit of 20lbs. Fortunately I've found one, that is a rocking chair, but still has the vibrate option, and goes up to 40lbs. So it should last him until he's about 2.5 years old (if it survives that long!)

Stitiching has been almost non-existant. I have managed to do a little papercrafting, just card so far, but I have several ideas for scrapbook pages for Ewok's baby book, I just need to get all the bits together and get the photos I need printed out.

Right, back to the grind. TTFN.