Friday, October 13, 2006

One month

Ewok is already a month old. I can't quite believe it myself, the time just seems to have disappeared.

We had a visit from the Health Visitor yesterday. She pronounced him supremely well looking and then weighed him. Now I knew he'd put on weight but oh my! He's now up to 11lbs 8oz, which when you consider that he was only 9lbs 8oz less than 2 weeks ago, is quite a phenomenal weight gain. It also explains why he's been feeding like a mad thing for the last couple of weeks.

He's now started waking in the night for a feed which, due to his habit of taking anything up to 2 hours to dine, has become a bottle feed. It's still my milk, just bottled, because he actually eats faster from a bottle. So I can give him the bottle and get him back to bed and then go and express the milk I have stored up, which then goes in the fridge for the next night, and it all takes around an hour to an hour and a half. This means that I have the chance of getting a little more sleep before he wakes up again wanting breakfast.

On Monday Wookiee went back to work and we had a surprisingly good day. I decided to take him on a shopping trip to Meadowhall, and apart from a brief scream in Evans changing room, he slept the whole time we were there. Because he'd been so good I decided to risk it and pop into work for a quick 'show off the baby' session. This meant that I had to feed him first, not something I'm terribly good at when out and about. I managed it in the end, sat in the car in the carpark in a quiet corner. He was also good as gold when we went to work. I think he knew he was supposed to charm everyone. He then fell asleep as we were leaving and slept the whole way home again in the car.

Tomorrow we're taking him to meet his great-grandparents and grandma (on Wookiee's side) for the first time. I'm keeping everything crossed that he behaves himself while we're there.

I did take a couple of pictures of him yesterday wearing a little outfit that one of my friends gave us, however Wookiee has made off with the card reader so I can't get the images off the camera at the moment. As soon as I do I'll post them.