Sunday, September 10, 2006

Tappetty, tappety, tap...

That's the sound of my nails drumming on the nearest hard surface by the way. I'm not a patient person at the best of times.

Sooo, time for another bumpwatch update. Had another scan on Friday morning, everything fine. Had an internal exam and yes, had the stretch and sweep - OW! Apparently, I was between one and two cms dilated at that point, however Ewok's head was still not completely engaged.

I was given the option of going in that evening to start with the gel but I decided to at least take the weekend and see if the S&S had helped. Well it hasn't so far. I'm booked in for 8pm Monday for another check up at which point they will either a) Give me the gel, watch me for an hour and then stick me on the ward for the night or (hopefully) give me the option to go home for the night, or b) If I'm more 'favourable' they'll just send me home and ask me to go back on Tuesday morning to have my waters broken. Apparently, they prefer to do 'poppings' in the morning.

So there you go folks, nothing yet, but I still have until 8pm tomorrow to get started on my own. I'll be having a good hot curry for my tea tonight and Wookiee will just have to hold his nose.