Friday, August 11, 2006

Still just me

Sorry to all of you for not updating more often, I shouldn't keep you in suspense like that really, should I?

I'm doing ok, as is Ewok. I had to go to see the doctor yesterday at my midwife's suggestion. I called her because for the last week now I have had a swollen foot and ankle. Note: A, singular. This seemed a little strange to me, as did the fact that it's not going down at all, even overnight. I told her this yesterday and she wanted me to be checked out.

Turns out I'm fine; BP is fine, nothing suspicious in my samples (ick) either. The doctor thinks it's just because Ewok is head down and probably pressing more to the right than the left (it's my right foot that's suffering). There's no pain it's just flipping uncomfortable, especially walking. More annoying is the fact that I can't get my shoe on properly anymore. It's only a mule and it's quite wide and loose on me normally.

The building work is going well although the two rooms look like a bomb site at the moment. The joiner is here today erecting the new partition wall, so hopefully things will start to look better after that.

In my garden, I have loads of buddleia plants growing all over the place. I suspect that most of them weren't actually planted where they're growing. I know some of them weren't, since they're growing in the block paving. They will be removed once they've finished flowering, however I'm leaving them until then. You see they've been covered in butterflies for the last few weeks, so I'm giving them the chance to get as much nectar as they can before the plants are removed. I've managed to get a few good photographs of three of the species that I've seen. There are a couple of others that are just too skittish, but I'll keep trying. Now I know you all know my track record for posting pictures here, but I'll try to post these over the weekend. I know I have at least one reader who's nuts about butterflies.