Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Still here, just feeling uninspired again. I think that last post wrung all the creative juices out of me.

All the characters mentioned in the tale are doing fine, well I hope the duck is anyway. I've adjusted Azraels' anti-hunting collar so that it actually works at night and it seems to have done the trick, not so much as a mousie since then.

Ewok and I are doing great. At my last check-up, I was told that my BP couldn't be more perfect and that I seemed as healthy as a horse apart from the obvious back pain and SPD. The physio was great, she's given me a little exercise to do while I'm sitting down to help relieve the pain I get when I stand up and try to walk after sitting for a while, and I've been given a bump support belt for when I'm out walking, shopping or doing housework *hahahahaha!* and I've got another appointment with her this coming Friday.

Saturday I went to a gathering of stitchy friends up in Leeds. It was really nice to see everyone again, although I could have done without some of the more hair-raising stories from one of our number who is a midwife. Wookiee had the brilliant idea of closing down my eBay shop for the day and taking my fabrics and threads along with me to tempt my friends, and it worked a treat *insert evil grin here* I managed to tempt them into relieving me of 5 out 6 pieces of fabric and several skeins of thread.

Yesterday I spent some time making up fresh batches of dye and I'm finally doing some colour samples of different strengths of dye so I can make my own shade charts to work from. Just the threads at the moment, until I can get some more fabric in. Which hopefully I'll be doing soon, since I sent off my application to open a wholesale account, with a fabric supplier, today. I'm hoping to place my first order with them on Thursday if possible.

Oh and I'm in my Final Countdown at last. This is my last week at work for a long time to come *yay*

Hmm, guess I had more to write about than I realsied.