Sunday, April 09, 2006

Pusses on Parade

Heather asked of my last post, whether the cat pics I'd posted recently were of Pixel. That was when I realised I hadn't actually said which one of them it was in those pictures. So, I decided to do a photo round up of my current cats...

The photos posted last Monday were of Angel. She's a 4 year old silver tabby Maine Coon. The name is misleading, believe me!

This is what she looked like the first time I saw her:

Pixel is currently my oldest cat at 13 years old. He's a black and white rescue moggy:

Azrael is one of the two 'babies' at a mere not-quite 2 years old. He's a black smoke Norwegian Forest cat who hasn't quite got the hang of posing for the camera yet:

Smurf is the other baby at about the same age as Azrael. She's a tortoiseshell rescue moggy:

I have had three other cats in the past. Muscles was my first cat who died from kidney failure a couple of years ago. The other two were Freya (another tortie) and Greebo (a grey/blue) who are still living with my ex-H.

All pictures are clickable for bigger versions.