Friday, April 07, 2006

Poorly Puss

My oldest cat, Pixel, hasn’t been very well for the last week now. It started last weekend with him throwing up his food several times. I wasn’t too concerned because this is not a new thing for him. Over the last three years or so he’s had this problem on and off, and it’s never lasted more than 2 or 3 days at a time and then he’s been fine again.

This time however it carried on. It seemed to get better midweek but now I think that’s simply because he gave up trying to eat his food. He did manage to snarf down an entire tin of tuna and as far as I know that stayed put, and he’s been more than happy to scoff bits of ham and cheese when they’ve been forthcoming. Aside from the throwing up, he’s been quite his usual self, not seeming to be poorly at all. Until today.

Today he’s been very lethargic, suddenly he seems to have lost a lot of weight, almost overnight, and he’s been extremely demanding whenever he thinks there’s a titbit to be had.

I nipped out to the local shop at lunchtime and bought a couple of cans of Felix (they all normally eat dried food) because I know he loves the meat as a treat. Well he did his usual trick of scoffing all the jelly first, and then promptly brought it all back up again. That’s when I called the vets.

Between that and taking him to the vets, I gave him small amounts of mashed-up meat, which he demolished, and so far that’s stayed in him. However, we’ve been to the vets now and it doesn’t sound too good at the moment.

You see he has a lump, and it’s not in the right place to be a simple case of constipation. Apparently, it’s in the region of his lymph nodes/spleen/kidneys although the vet’s almost certain it’s not his kidneys that are the problem. So he’s had a couple of jabs to try and perk him up over the weekend and he’s back to the vet’s on Monday morning for some blood tests and for them to open him up and see what this mystery lump is.