Wednesday, March 29, 2006


As any expectant mum will tell you, one question that preys on your mind from very early on is ‘How big is this bugger going to be when the time comes?’

Of course in the early stages you really have no idea at all, so your only source of information is your parents and those of your other half.

Well we saw my parents a couple of weeks ago, so I put the question to my Mum and discovered that I was a svelte 6lbs 4oz when I was born (that didn’t last long!) and as a result I was feeling a little less tense about the whole ‘trying to pass a 16lb bowling ball through a 6mm pipe’ experience.

Of course that was before we visited Wookiee’s folks this last weekend.

Now I always knew that with Wookiee being a not-so-delicate 6’ 6”, there was a strong possibility that he would have passed this gene on to Ewok. So we broke the good news to his parents and it wasn’t long before the subject of birth weights came up, and I can tell you I’m feeling a lot less calm now…

10lbs 10oz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Damn that’s a big baby!

Help me!